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A guided journal for people seeking new ways to unplug, get active, inspire creativity, cultivate mindfulness, and improve well-being.

Afoot and Lighthearted is the first interactive journal of its kind for walkers who want to expand their physical and creative worlds through acts of mindfulness. Afoot and Lighthearted will teach readers how to harness the power of walking to cultivate and nourish attention, inspiration, and determination, as well as to combat distraction, anxiety, and the dreaded creative block.

Organized around thematic prompts designed to help makers take a break from digital life and tap into the transformational magic of creative journaling, Afoot and Lighthearted introduces us to innovative walkers throughout literature, art, philosophy, and history, and it offers encouragement in the form of inspirational quotes. Supported by light illustrations and evidence from recent research on the compelling connection between walking and well-being, Afoot and Lighthearted offers a fresh perspective every step of the way, much like a walk itself.

”The art of walking is a contemplative delight that Whitehouse offers through numerous invitations in Afoot and Lighthearted. The journal offers a reprieve from techno-filled distractions so you can don your laces and stroll in your neighborhood, city, or woods...This journal is for anyone seeking to begin an embodied contemplative practice (or for those who need an artistic kick in the ass to drop their phones and walk out the door).”—Paul Swanson, CONTEMPLIFY

Pick up a copy today at your favorite independent bookstore! Mine happens to be Parnassus Books in Nashville, Tennessee.

Afoot and Lighthearted is also available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, and Walmart.

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